About Us

Indy Tech Support is a small, highly effective team of IT professionals. Each day, we strive to provide our clients with better support, better service, and the highest quality results attainable at anything we do.

Our Mission

To provide premium IT service and support for small, medium, and large businesses located throughout Indianapolis and central Indiana.

Our History

Indy Tech Support hasn’t been around very long at all. Actually, it’s only been around since July 2013. Indy Tech Support is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Root Worldwide, Inc. Our founder, Dan Root, has been providing IT services under his last name for a very long time. In an effort to grow and diversify the client base, it was only appropriate for us to spin off into an entity all our own… and Indy Tech Support, LLC. was born.

The Now

A lot of things are changing for us right now. We are busy perfecting our strategies, our workflows, and our efficiency in all facets of the job. By the time you read this on our freshly launched website, we will be far beyond “the now” and headed straight into the future. Onward!

The Future

Nobody quite knows what the future holds. As we continue operating under this newly formed brand, we will continue to monitor the trenches of information technology and research new trends that can be applied to our business clientele. The team at Indy Tech Support will continue to provide quality IT services and touch more companies who need our help. One thing is for sure, we aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Our Philosophy & The Change We Bring

This company was founded for more than one reason. Our memorable name and easy recognition are just frosting on the cake for us. Indy Tech Support is different because we truly understand the importance of information technology and the relationship it has with day to day business. We understand that far too often, technology is a burden rather than a tool or advantage. Most importantly, we understand that our clock’s don’t just stop when you leave your offices. No no, technology isn’t perfect just yet… and until then, we will continue to go above and beyond by monitoring customer technology assets every minute of every single day, including the weekends.

Another major difference we bring to the table is our knack for proactively monitoring and preemptively resolving issues before they ever escalate into a service call. Our team trains hard for these things, and it’s not good for any business to ever have disruptions as a result of technology. Indy Tech Support has perfected the art of identifying problems before they happen.

Give us a call or shoot us a message on one of the contact forms throughout our website and let’s figure out a way to make technology start working for your business again.

Contact Information

Indianapolis Office

Indy Tech Support
8500 E. 116th Street #321
Fishers, IN 46038

(317) 567-9000

Bill Payment Address

P.O. Box 6440
Fishers, IN 46038